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Additional services of bowling-hotel "New Gorki"

Конференции Королев
Проведение мероприятий подмосковье

Conference services

In our hotel you can hold different presentations, any conference, a seminar or a business meeting. At your services we have a conference hall (the so-called hall-transformer which can house up to 300 persons).

In our conference hall you can find all necessary equipment: a projector, a flipchart, a video- screen, audio and video systems.

We can organize a splendid coffee-break with our fresh baking. The participants of a conference could also use a special menu.

The additional discounts are given to the organized groups staying in the hotel.

The participants` delivery to the hotel is possible.

You can see the cost and the hall planning here.

Домик барбекю

Barbecue summerhouse

We are glad to suggest you to have a good time in a summerhouse located in our territory where you can find all necessary things for a barbecue. You are free to choose: either you can order some raw shish kebab and fry it yourself outdoors or you can ask for a help of our skilled cooks. The small house`s square is 64 sq. m. A company of 70 people can make themselves comfortable here.

Photos and the rent cost are here.

Сауна Королев


For those who enjoy having time in sauna we are glad to offer a comfortable sauna with a rest room, a steam room, a swimming pool, a sitting –room with a fire place, TV and karaoke. Available for up to 16 persons.

Photos and price are here

Свадьбы в Королеве

Wedding parties

Wedding is one of the most important occasion for every family. We will be happy to help you organize it on the top level and no one of your guests will get bored.

Read more

Торты на заказ подмосковье

Cakes to order

A wedding cake is some kind of a masterpiece. In order not to spoil such an important moment the choice of a highly-qualified chef is definitely required.

Cakes photos and prices are here

Выпускные вечера Новые горки

Graduation parties

It’s quite boring and complicated to have school leaving and graduation parties at school. Make use of our offer and we will do our best to make you happy!

Активный отдых в Королеве

Leisure activities

For the lovers of leisure activities we provide volleyball and mini-football grounds. It is possible to organize team-building for children and adults. You can play badminton or darts as well.

See the photos


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Новогодний тур 2012!
Приглашаем встретить Новый 2012 год в наш отель. Вас ждет Дед Мороз и Снегурочка, конкурсы, живая музыка, масса развлечений и подарков. Стоимость тура от 9,500 рублей.
Стоимость и программа >>
Льготный боулинг
На игру в боулинг предоставляется скидка в 10% детям-инвалидам и многодетным мамам.
Внимание студентам!
Только для вас в боулинге СУПЕР-цена 100 руб!
(с понедельника по пятницу до 17.00
по студенческому билету)
13:00-17:00 - 150 руб./час
17:00-19:00 - 290 руб./час
19:00-21:00 - 390 руб./час
21:00-04:00 - 590 руб./час

Спецпредложение для
корпоративных клиентов

Самые выгодные цены только для Вас
Узнать >>>

Отпразднуй день рождения в нашем клубе и получи скидку на всю игру в боулинг 10%
(скидка предоставляется при наличии документов)
01.04.2009 - Акция!
С 1 апреля — антикризисная боулинг программа. Цены ниже на 50%, боулинг 150 руб. в час.
01.01.2009 - Боулинг 2009
Боулинг 2009 год - год молодежи. Студентам СУПЕР цена 100 руб!
(по студенческим билетам)

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