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Караоке в Королеве

Караоке в подмосковье
The karaoke-club "Belier" in the bowling hotel Novie Gorki is one of the best karaoke club in Korolyov city. The karaoke –club creates a special atmosphere. Your voice will sound in a new way if you use our professional equipment. The huge catalog of Russian and foreign songs, the light equipment and the lightning effects, the professional sound-operators - these are the distinguishing features of our karaoke –club. The karaoke - Club "Belier" in the bowling-hotel Novie Gorki was created as a special karaoke club, as an alternative to the most famous Moscow karaoke-clubs. In our karaoke-club professionals can sing along with amateurs.

In contrast to an ordinary karaoke-club in the karaoke-club Belier there are only 7 tables. It enables not to wait long for a turn to sing. In case of reservation of one of 2 big zones you pay 5000 rub. deposit which is already included in the bill (that means that deposit is taken into account at payment) .

Club rules

Being a club cardholder you have a special discount (Just show it at payment).You can get a club card on the hotel reception.

In karaoke club "Belier" in “ Novie Gorki” is prohibited:
To wear overcoats
To use your own drinks..
In case of property damage a guest has to recover losses according to the price list.

While singing the guests should follow some simple rules:
Songs performance are made by turns.
Five or more persons at one table have a right of singing two songs without a break.

It’s strictly forbidden:
to smoke;
to shout and to whistle;
to use bad words;
to prevent the other guests from singing;
use the sound supervisor’s stand;
drop the mic and use it not for its purpose.

In case of dropping the microphone a guest will have to pay a fine of 3000 rub.( if the mic is not damaged). In case of mic damaging a guest will have to pay a fine of 25 000 rub.
The club administration has a right of refusing the song performance due to the lack of vocal abilities.

In case of violation the above mentioned rules the administration is free to deny all the persons at the table to sing songs.
These rules were created to make our guests feel comfortable in the karaoke club "Belier". The club administration reserves the right to deny the guests a visit to the club without assigning any reasons.

Working hours:

The karaoke club "Belier" runs 7 days a week.
Mon - Th from 9 p.m. to 4 a.m
Fr – Sat from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m.
Sun from 6 p.m. to 4 a.m.

Contact us

37 Mira St.
Dist. Pervomayskiy
Korolyov city
Moscow area.

Phone +7 495 7788688
+7 495 7721689

Karaoke. What is it?

No doubt that you know something about Karaoke! Definitely you know what it means and probably you have already used it and most likely you are already a real expert in it! With modern karaoke you can have a great time and will find a pleasure in singing different songs.
More information about karaoke you can find here.

Karaoke in bars and restaurants

Karaoke-bars appeared in Russia not long ago or to put it more precisely in the nineties of the last century. At first karaoke was used by chanson-lovers, basically by men. They sang Krug` and Shufutinski` songs. A short time later karaoke became very popular among the youth and grown-ups. But some years ago the interest in it was lost. After all you can find karaoke only in those places which specialize in such kind of entertainment.
See detailed information here.

What is a backing track?

A backing track is an audio or MIDI recording that musicians play or sing along to in order to add parts to their music which would be impractical to perform live. A singer or vocal group performing without a band may sing along to pre-recorded music. A music track without lead vocals may also be called a karaoke, minus-one track or playback. Music backing tracks are also available for instrumental practice and jamming.
To learn more in detail about a baking track click here.


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