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New Gorki – is a hotel and entertaining center in Moscow region

Bowling-hotel «New Gorki» is a modern 3-star hotel is situated in Korolyov city (Moscow Region). Here you can find a high service and well-developed infrastructure.
In every room there are a TV, a phone, a bathroom and a fridge. You will be pleased with reasonable prices, security, Wi-Fi and a free parking place. Every guest will certainly have a great time here and a lot of entertainments.
More than 130 persons could be comfortably placed here. Hotel administration can help with carrying out different seminars and conferences.
The hotel is located 7 km from Moscow. The hotel is an ideal place to have a good, interesting, active or a quiet rest.


Hotel Korolev New Novie Gorki
In the hotel “New Gorki” there are all necessary things for having a pleasant rest. You will have a choice of any 67 rooms. The minimum rate is 1500 rubles.

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Restaurant Delight Korolev New Gorki
Restaurant “Delight” is an exceptional place. Here you can taste dishes of European, Russian and Japanese cuisine and also order a great number of cold and hot dishes, drinks and baking created by our recognized chefs. The drinks assortment would satisfy the most exquisite visitor. In the evenings you can dance to live music. In our restaurant “DeLight” everything is done to welcome you: a romantic evening, a business meeting, a wedding celebration and even an ordinary cup of tea or coffee. We are opened 24 hours a day.


Bowling Korolev New Gorki
Visit our bowling-club! There are high-quality 10 paths, a sport bar with a wide choice of drinks and a mini-shop of a professional equipment for bowling.


Karaoke Korolev New Gorki
The karaoke-club "Belier" in the bowling hotel Novie Gorki is one of the best karaoke club in Korolyov city. The karaoke –club creates a special atmosphere. Your voice will sound in a new way if you use our professional equipment. The huge catalog of Russian and foreign songs, the light equipment and the lightning effects, the professional sound-operators - these are the distinguishing features of our karaoke –club. The karaoke - Club "Belier" in the bowling-hotel Novie Gorki was created as a special karaoke club, as an alternative to the most famous Moscow karaoke-clubs. In our karaoke-club professionals can sing along with amateurs.

Hotel`s bus

Dear visitors! Pay your attention that since 15th July 2009 you can use our bus (Bolshevo station – Hotel / Hotel - Bolshevo station).
Bus schedule
from the hotel
Bus schedule
to the hotel
06:15  Bolshevo railway station 06:30 Bolshevo railway station
07:15 Bolshevo railway station 08:10 Yakitoriya shop (Korolev)
09:30 Bolshevo railway station 08:15 Saturn shop (Korolev)
12:30 Bolshevo railway station 08:25 Bolshevo railway station
18:15 Bolshevo railway station 12:20 Bolshevo railway station
19:20 Bolshevo railway station, Клуб "Торнадо" 18:30 Bolshevo railway station
21:15 Korolev city 20:05 Yakitoriya shop (Korolev)
20:20  Bolshevo railway station
23:15  Yakitoriya shop (Korolev)
03:30  Tornado club (Korolev)

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Новогодний тур 2012!
Приглашаем встретить Новый 2012 год в наш отель. Вас ждет Дед Мороз и Снегурочка, конкурсы, живая музыка, масса развлечений и подарков. Стоимость тура от 9,500 рублей.
Стоимость и программа >>
Льготный боулинг
На игру в боулинг предоставляется скидка в 10% детям-инвалидам и многодетным мамам.
Внимание студентам!
Только для вас в боулинге СУПЕР-цена 100 руб!
(с понедельника по пятницу до 17.00
по студенческому билету)
13:00-17:00 - 150 руб./час
17:00-19:00 - 290 руб./час
19:00-21:00 - 390 руб./час
21:00-04:00 - 590 руб./час

Спецпредложение для
корпоративных клиентов

Самые выгодные цены только для Вас
Узнать >>>

Отпразднуй день рождения в нашем клубе и получи скидку на всю игру в боулинг 10%
(скидка предоставляется при наличии документов)
01.04.2009 - Акция!
С 1 апреля — антикризисная боулинг программа. Цены ниже на 50%, боулинг 150 руб. в час.
01.01.2009 - Боулинг 2009
Боулинг 2009 год - год молодежи. Студентам СУПЕР цена 100 руб!
(по студенческим билетам)

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